Green Book's Mrs. Mae Starks Kelly

  Mrs. Mae Starks Kelly

Green Book's Mae Starks Kelly 's gravestone at the Pinehurst Cemetery in St. Augustine
The gravestone of Green Book's Mae Starks Kelly at the Pinehurst Cemetery in St. Augustine.
Photo courtesy of Sara Schleicher/Find A Grave

St. Augustine resident, Mae Starks Kelly, lies at rest next to her husband, Frank, in Pinehurst Cemetery, one of the cemeteries the West Augustine Improvement Association is currently raising money to maintain and preserve. 

Mae and her husband resided at 83 Bridge Street in a four-room, two-story house built around 1885. Between the years of 1955 and 1968, the Kellys opened their home to out-of-town guests and were one of only two such "tourist homes" in St. Augustine listed in Victor Hugo Green's Green Book, a motorist's guide to travel stops accommodating African-Americans.


If you would like to honor Mrs. Mae Kelly with a contribution to our campaign to help repair broken headstones and maintain the grounds of both the Pinehurst and San Sebastian Cemeteries in St. Augustine, please visit our GoFundMe page!

Photos courtesy of Sara Schleicher, the St. Augustine Record, Google Maps, and the St. Augustine Historical Society.