Pinehurst and San Sebastian Video Footage

These videos from the Pinehurst and San Sebastian Cemeteries give a great picture of what these historic cemeteries used to look like before the West Augustine Improvement Association began hosting the restoration days and cemetery cleanups. 

In between the cleanups, WAIA president Willie Cooper, Sr. and his son Willie Cooper, Jr. spend time after work cutting the grass, and Mr. Cooper additionally pays someone out of pocket to come in and cut the grass, as he and his son work full time, and taking care of the cemetery is a full-time job in itself. 

This is why WAIA is now hosting a GoFundMe fundraiser to raise funds for 50 new granite gravestones and upkeep. We hope to replace a few of the more than 200 graves without any grave markers or with crumbling grave markers that will soon be gone, and in addition, we would love to be able to have the ability to do regular maintenance at the cemeteries. 

April, 2013

November 7, 2013
Pinehurst Cemetery Restoration footage taken by Ashley Crider for St. Augustine Cemetery Restoration

June 2, 2020 
Drone footage from Pinehurst and San Sebastian by OCV

October 9, 2021
The Smith Family Pulling Down Vines at the Pinehurst and San Sebastian Restoration Day by the St. Augustine Connection

If you would like to help us get granite gravestones for graves like these, so they can be identified for years to come, please consider donating to the Pinehurst and San Sebastian Cemeteries GoFundMe or the Sponsor-a-Grave campaign.

If you can not donate, following us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and helping us spread the word by sharing links to the campaigns eould also help tremendously and be greatly appreciated.